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Mar 5, 2024 - Mar 20, 2025

Foundations Tracking

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The goal of Foundations is to record our 10 Rep Max. You will record the best of your 3 attempts in this section. You will complete 3 sets on each exercise prior to moving on, meaning you have 3 opportunities to achieve your best result. You will record the results from your best set (only record the set you hit 10 reps on). Eg if set 1 you got 12 reps at 10kg, set 2 you got 10 reps at 17.5kg and set 3 you got 8 reps at 20kg - Set 2 is the result you would record. We would encourage you to follow the below format Set 1 : Warm up/priming set. Pick a weight where you can perform all reps with a controlled tempo, good form, and can reach 12-15 reps of the weight. (if you can do over 15 reps, you went too light. If you can't reach 12 reps, you went too heavy) Set 2 : Go for your 10 Rep Max. Pick a weight that is challenging but you can complete 10 Reps, this allows you to record a score while still having an additional set to attempt to beat it. Set 3 : Attempt to go heavier than Set 2. If you hit 10 reps, amazing - You have a new PR, but if you don't get it, that's ok as you have your score from Set 2.

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