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28 Day Reset Participants group

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Nicila Costello
TFV Coach 💪🏼

Team, this is it! Final few days and you made it !

Just a reminder you can scan anytime from now until Monday, so do what suits you best - just make sure you scan before you train.

If you’re keen to do it Sunday we’ll scan 7am Sunday and then do a cheeky challenge finisher workout together !

Barnaby George
Melissa Bond
Margaret-Ann Goy
Margaret-Ann Goy
٠٧ يونيو

Hey guru - got my scan in this morning and just did a review of my goals. Have got pretty much everything I wanted to get done re goals over this 4 weeks! Yahoooo

Thanks to the gang/team who’s been doing the ride with me

Really been great for getting me reset on my longer journey to better nutrition and healthier me.

Look forward to our last session on Sunday gang



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