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Nicila Costello
TFV Coach 💪🏼

Guys, I could not be fucken prouder of you all - Day 1 and I've already seen so many of you tick off workout #1, and organise your meals!

How is everyone going with Day 1? We're obviously on a more condensed time frame than a normal challenge, but you still get to utilise these first few days to get your routine down pact. The meals and steps are the ones that might trip you up, so if you don't have them 100% down today that's ok, but just use it as a way to learn why it didn't go to plan (eg you got stuck at work late or you slept through your alarm) and plan on how you can overcome that going forward. By Thursday this week we want to be nailing everything - if you're on top of it before then, you're ahead of schedule !

and look, it's not a race - but @Darcy Nolan and @jessicaleeirving1 are the first two to do todays task 😉👑

PS, how's everyone's steps !?!

Barnaby George
Maryanne Nucifora

1st session done and meals prepped. ready to smash this 👊🏽 I don’t have a watch that counts my steps, but i think dancing the majority of the day keeps the count high 😅

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