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28 Day Reset Participants group

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Nicila Costello
TFV Coach 💪🏼

Accountability Check - Who got their steps in today? 10 bonus points if you post a screenshot !

Even if you didn't hit the 8k, keep accountable and let us know, it's the only way we improve!

@Maryanne Nucifora @Suzi Moffatt you get away with no screenshot, but I want confirmation you've ticked goals today!

Day 10 ✅

Barnaby George
Maryanne Nucifora

Morning gang - tgif! Didn’t make my steps yesterday - only got to 5000 but big day in car and work meets - yahoo. Did workout Thurs and Fri and meal plan on track.

Shall get some extra steps in this weekend

See yaaaalll Sunday



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