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  • Do you offer a Trial?
    We absolutely do! We offer an exclusive, obligation free, Trial week pass for $21. You can redeem your Trial directly via the Website or the TFV App, Just select Book Now on your preferred session time and you'll be prompted to Grab the offer.
  • I haven't exercised in a long time, will I survive a workout?
    Absolutely, you'll do great! You'll also be in good company. . . because we get asked this by almost everyone starting out! At TFV, every workout is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and abilities. Our time-based intervals allow you to work at your own pace, ensuring that the workout is challenging yet manageable, whether you're a beginner or a fitness junkie. Our coaches are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, and will offer guidance and modifications wherever needed. I think you might just surprise yourself with what you can achieve!
  • Is there a workout for beginners, or what one should I do if it's my first time?
    Great question! At TFV, we've designed all our workouts to be beginner-friendly. Whether it's your first time at the gym or you're easing back into fitness, you'll find our sessions accessible and rewarding. Our workouts use time-based intervals, meaning you can perform each exercise at your own pace within a set time frame. This approach ensures that you can manage the intensity according to your fitness level, making every session adaptable to beginners. Here's how our week is structured: Monday/Wednesday: Cardio Workouts - These sessions focus on rapidly improving your fitness. They're energetic and great for building stamina. You will find the rest times are shorter in these workouts, compared to other days, but its also the fastest way to get fit and you'll already feel so much fitter in just 2 weeks! Tuesday/Thursday: Resistance Workouts - These are strength-focused, utilizing various equipment for a full body workout, these workouts are designed to boost your metabolic rate, burn body fat, tone your muscles and reduce your risk of injury. These sessions tend to have longer rest times. Friday/Saturday: Hybrid Workouts - A perfect blend of cardio and resistance, giving you the best of both worlds. We recommend trying different types of workouts to see what you enjoy most, or just what fits with your schedule. Our coaches are always on hand to guide you, offer modifications, and ensure you're comfortable throughout the session.
  • How Do I book a workout?
    You have 2 options for booking your sessions 1. You can book directly on the website. Just click the schedule tab, find the session you would like to attend, click book and follow the prompts. Alternatively, we suggest booking via 2. Our Members App. CLICK HERE to download the app. You will be asked for an invite code to join, the code is AZRS4W In the app, you simply select the book tab and book your sessions in
  • What do I Need for my first workout?
    Welcome to TFV! We're excited to have you with us for your first workout! It's super simple, all you need to bring along is a water bottle and towel for the session, we'll look after the rest! We do suggest coming in 5 minutes early to your first workout, just so our coaches can introduce themselves and make sure you know where everything is prior to the session starting, but there's no stress if you can't arrive early - we'll make sure you have a great workout either way!
  • Do you have parking available?
    Yes, we absolutely do! There is dedicated Parking on either side of the studio (access via balowrie street and Kent street), there is also ample street parking available on Racecourse Road as well as the side streets.
  • Where are you located?
    Find us at the iconic 63 Racecourse Road! We are Unit 4, which is located directly behind KOS Cafe. If you park in the Balowrie street carpark, just walk up the carpark stairs straight to the studio If you are coming from racecourse road, walk down the alleyway next to Kos Cafe and Flaming and Co - you'll find us there!
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